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Brothers of Bourbon: News, Facts & More
Brothers of Bourbon: News, Facts & More

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The Proof is in the Flavor

Palate Punch. Whiskey Whamee. Bourbon Boo-yah. Heat is a taste descriptor that refers to the influence the proof has on the bourbon’s flavor. If you’ve ever taken a sip of our delicious bourbon and found yourself letting out a good ol’ “Woo-ee!” - that’s heat. Now nobody likes to taste all burn and no bourbon, so Knob Creek® Straight Bourbon Whiskey is bottled at an honest 100 proof, and is patiently aged in new, charred American Oak barrels to bring out the deep, toasted flavors of the wood and its sugars. The heat you taste in our bourbon is always perfectly balanced with the big, full flavors of oak, caramel and fruit. Knob Creek® Bourbon is whiskey the way it was meant to be. The proof is in the flavor.

Call Us Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned cocktail. The original bourbon cocktail. The original cocktail? Nowadays when you order an Old Fashioned, a good bartender will ask if you have a bourbon preference. But it wasn’t always this way. In 1806, a cocktail was defined as, “a potent concoction of spirits, bitters, water and sugar.” And if that recipe sounds familiar, you’ve done your bourbon homework. Because that, brothers and sisters, in its purest form, is an Old Fashioned. As the 1800’s progressed, bartenders began experimenting more with cocktails, adding in every ingredient under the sun. This left some drinkers longing for the simpler days. So people started ordering their drinks “the old fashioned way,” thus coining the term.  Where and when bourbon became the established spirit in the recipe is up for debate. Many believe it was in Louisville, Kentucky around 1895 at the Pendennis Club where bartender Martin Cuneo claimed to have “invented” the Old

Happy Mother’s Day from Knob Creek

Behind Every Great Bourbon, There’s An Even Greater Woman. As mother to Master Distiller, Fred Noe, and wife to Knob Creek® Creator, Booker Noe, Annis Noe sure is the woman behind the bourbon. And although she doesn’t have a fancy title like Booker and Fred, she is one damn great mom. Now, we all know that Booker was quite the character. His big personality could sometimes be a handful. But Annis is his exact opposite, the perfect complement to him. She’s tiny, quiet and patient and she happily put up with Booker’s crazy shenanigans and obsession with flavor. She’d often have to give up her kitchen so that Booker could play chef and experiment with new recipes. He’d putter around working on some concoction and it would drive her nuts. Fred says, “he fancied himself a cook and he usually made a mess of things. My mom, she was the real cook.” But that didn’t stop Booker from trying. He aimed for perfection in every recipe and wouldn’t quit till he

The Sweet Taste of Victory

Bourbon fans, it’s time for a toast. So raise your glasses and join us in celebrating the naming of Knob Creek® Bourbon as “Best Bourbon” at the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Now this competition is no pony race. It’s the largest, most influential international spirits competition in America, with a judging panel chock full of prestigious spirits experts. For the past 15 years, it has received record-breaking entries from 41 states, 66 countries and in 90 different classifications. This is the big-time folks. The competition is judged with a blind-taste test by 41 of the world’s best palates. Knob Creek® Bourbon was chosen over 95 other premium bourbons, from small, craft brands to the biggest names in bourbon, winning a Double Gold medal and that prestigious title of “Best Bourbon.” We’re happy to see that big, full flavor is once again defining bourbon in this era, the way it was meant to be. And although Knob Creek® creator,

Get Inducted into the Old Fashioned Hall of Fame

The Old Fashioned. Not only is it considered the original bourbon cocktail, it’s also widely believed to be one of the first ever cocktails in general, dating all the way back to the early 1800’s. Although the framework of the cocktail is simple – spirit, sugar and bitters – it has evolved over the years through countless variations and innovations, transforming this classic cocktail into somewhat of a legend. Now you can pay tribute to this legendary bourbon cocktail by submitting your Old Fashioned photos to the Knob Creek® Old Fashioned Hall of Fame. Simply post the photo to Instagram using the hashtag #KNOBCREEKOF. Photos will be posted on our Facebook page, and winners will be selected and featured as the newest Hall of Fame inductee. We’ve recently been named 2015’s Best Bourbon, so it’s time to find 2015’s Best Old Fashioneds. Now find yourself a good-looking Old Fashioned with big, full flavor and let’s make it one to remember.

Mint Old Fashioned

ju·lep (ˈjo͞oləp/): a sweet flavored drink made from a sugar syrup, sometimes containing alcohol Call us stubborn, but even though it’s race day in Kentucky, you won’t find us sipping on the ever -popular mint julep. To inspire a big win, we need the big, full flavor of Knob Creek® Bourbon paired with a fresh take on the original bourbon cocktail. Enter: the Mint Old Fashioned. Mint Old Fashioned Ingredients: • 2 parts Knob Creek® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey • 2 tsp. simple syrup • 3-4 dashes of aromatic bitters • 8-10 mint leaves • 1 mint sprig • 1 orange twist Instructions: • Add simple syrup, bitters and mint leaves to an old fashioned glass • Proceed to muddle • Pour bourbon into the glass and add a large piece of fresh ice • Stir until drink is cold and ingredients have mixed • Garnish with a mint stem and orange twist

“A Bourbon Man’s Work Is Never Done”

Master Distiller. Though the title has carried different meanings over time, there’s been recent debate that some may be taking shortcuts to earn the status. For life-long bourbon makers, calling yourself a Master Distiller after only a few years in the business is a bit of a, well, it just isn’t right. After all, to truly master something, you’ve got to spend most of your life working at it. So what does it mean to become a master of bourbon? To answer that, we look no further than our own creator, 6th generation Master Distiller, Booker Noe. The grandson of Jim Beam, Booker was practically born bourbon royalty.  He grew up around the family business and began working at the distillery when he was 21. And for the next 50 years, he basically never stopped working. Now just to be clear, we’re not talking about working in a 9-5 sense here. Hell, Booker didn’t even have “work hours.” You could often find him at the distillery on the weekends when no

Whiskey: The Rebellious Spirit

Brothers and sisters, at some point in our lives, we all fall on hard times. But we beg of you, please – don’t take it out on the whiskey. Because that’s precisely what the US government did back in 1791. You see, the Federal Government had accumulated quite a bit of debt during the Revolutionary War. This put ol’ George Washington in a tight spot as president. So Congress, with the help of Secretary of Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, proposed an excise tax on all distilled spirits to help pay off that debt. Now farmers on the Western Frontier did not take too kindly to that tax. Whiskey had become their livelihood. Though they worked hard to maintain their crops, shipping them was too expensive. Instead, they distilled their grains into liquor, which was easier to transport and sell. Also, Frontier residents were pretty cash-poor, so they used the whiskey they produced to pay for goods and services. By taxing whiskey, the government had inadvertently taxed

Kiss Me, I Like Bourbon

Fellow bourbon brothers and sisters, St. Patrick’s Day is upon us. Originally celebrated as a religious holiday, St. Patrick’s Day has now developed into a secular celebration of all things Irish. And although we wouldn’t mind finding a pot of gold, we’ll stick with bourbon in lieu of Irish whiskey. But what’s the difference, you ask? Whiskey is essentially any spirit distilled from fermented grain mash. There are several varieties, all with their own distinct classifications and characteristics. In honor of today’s festivities, let’s focus on Irish whiskey and, of course, our beloved bourbon. You’ve probably heard the saying “all bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon.” So what makes whiskey bourbon? The law.  Now Irish whiskey on the other hand, doesn’t have to play by those rules. It does, however, have to be produced in Ireland and aged in wooden casks for at least three years. It’s also produced using single pot still,
Adam Harris

Every Bottle Tells a Story.

Every Bottle tells a Story. Bottles. Sometimes it seems I’m surrounded by bottles. Bottles being filled at the distillery. Pouring from bottles. Talking about what’s in the bottles when I’m teaching a class. Bottles behind the bar where I’m enjoying a drink with friends. That decanter bottle at home for when it’s time to unwind after a busy week of being surrounded by…. Bottles. Bottles. Bottles. I’ve always been one to believe it’s what inside the bottle that counts and that’ll never change, but many years ago a good friend and fellow bourbon man told me that every bottle tells a story. I came to understand that while there are a lot of exceptional whiskies out there, if you’re lucky, not only will the taste profile give you some insight into its history but the bottle itself will add its own unique story. Just so happens that Knob Creek® bourbon and its bottle have a story to tell. The creator of Knob Creek®, Booker Noe, and his well-known