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Brothers of Bourbon: News, Facts & More
Brothers of Bourbon: News, Facts & More

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2014: A Damn Great Year

Subtle is not in our repertoire, but sentimental? You bet. As we get closer to the end of the year, we’re taking time to reflect on the biggest moments of 2014. 1. Our favorite late night talk show got a new, albeit giggly, host. 2. The return of the aquatic natural disaster sci-fi movie we all hate to love. Or love to hate. 3. The millions of videos made, and dollars raised, from dumping ice-cold water on our heads. (Let’s hope it wasn’t Kentucky Limestone water) 4. Phones got bigger. A lot bigger. But that’s okay, we like big. Flavor that is. 5. A baseball legend hung up his cleats. Here’s to you, #2. 6. Bourbon fans got to walk in the footsteps of the great Booker Noe, and experience big flavor in its natural habitat, at the first annual Knob Creek® Bourbon Campout. To the many moments that had you celebrating this year, and the many more to come next year, whip up this classy champagne cocktail and cheers to a damn great year. INGREDIENTS: 1½ parts

Holiday Bourbon Gift Guide

“It’s easy to get sentimental over good bourbon.” –Booker Noe, Creator of Knob Creek® Bourbon It’s hard to find someone who loves bourbon as much as Booker did, but we know there are some serious bourbon lovers out there. If you’ve got a bourbon-drinkin’ man or woman on your holiday shopping list, here are some damn good gift ideas that even Booker himself would get behind. The ultimate gift for the ultimate bourbon fan is his/her very favorite thing: Bourbon. Customized Knob Creek® holiday labels let your gift say a little more. Personalize your message on this year's Knob Creek® label or the custom designed label by Chef Michael Symon. Create a Label Keeps your drink cool without diluting that big, full flavor. Whisky Stones® Max Soapstone Beverage Cubes Whiskey Rocks, Set of 9 Make every sip taste like the first. The Original Whiskey Ball® Mold Fill your home with the masculine scents of bourbon, bacon and fresh cut lawn. Man-Cans Man Cave
Guest Blogger, Prem  of  Project 40

The Black Tie Event

Photos courtesy of Bonobos Men's Clothes ( Take a deep breath. It's over now... mistakes were made, but at least you've lived to tell the tale. You, the "Man of the Year", were the Guest of Honor at a business awards dinner; celebrating a year that will go down as the highlight of your career. But instead of basking in your glory amongst your peers, you're looking around wishing you could go home and change. And it's all because of the way you incorrectly interpreted "Black Tie" on the invitation. Brother, I know your pain. If they meant wear a tux why didn't they just say that? Why say "Black Tie"? Black Tie. Black Tie Only. Black Tie Requested. Creative Black Tie. It's like a code language only James Bond would understand. Misinterpreting this language can be embarrassing, uncomfortable, and can even offend your host. The anxiety and self-doubt may lead you to avoid formal events altogether. Fear not. Here's a quick guide to Black Tie dress codes:

Prohibition Ends At Last!

“Outlawing alcohol was the dumbest thing the government ever did.” – Creator of Knob Creek, Booker Noe Booker sure got that right. Before Prohibition, the quality of bourbon had reached an all-time high. But the 18th Amendment stopped bourbon dead in its tracks. And even though it was repealed 13 years later, the negative effect it had on bourbon lasted well into the twenty-first century. Distilleries were forced to expedite their aging and blend their liquids in order to resume production. The result was a milder flavor, a sheer suggestion of the spirit’s past. Booker was tired of these weaker whiskeys. He wanted to restore the big, full flavor that had become the standard for real bourbon before Prohibition. And with Knob Creek®, he did just that. So today, we don’t celebrate Repeal Day. Today we celebrate Booker Noe. Because it wasn’t the repeal that brought back real bourbon. It was Booker.

Puttin’ On the Ricks

You may have never wondered what we call the wooden structures our barrels rest on during the aging process in our distillery, but we’re going to tell you anyway. They’re called ricks and sometimes, rackhouses are called rickhouses. Be sure to bring that golden nugget of bourbon-knowledge to your circle of friends the next time you all enjoy a few fingers’ worth of Knob Creek® Bourbon.
Chef Michael Symon

Knob Creek® Mulled Old Fashioned

Celebrity Chef Michael Symon creates a unique spin on the Old Fashioned with mulling spices and the big, full flavor of Knob Creek® Bourbon.
Chef Michael Symon


Celebrity Chef Michael Symon takes Thanksgiving turkey to the next level—bringing it to the grill with a Knob Creek® Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon glaze.

Some Like it Hotter

Charring a bourbon barrel is an extremely important step in the bourbon making process. The interior of the barrel is set fire over an open flame for a set amount of time depending on the level of char desired. Knob Creek® Distillery exposes their barrels to the deepest level char, an intense level 4, which brings out our big, full flavor. Traditionally, barrels were charred to sterilize them from their previous use. But now, by law, straight bourbon whiskey must be aged in new American white oak barrels. So why do they still char ‘em? When the white oak is exposed to that level of heat, the sugars in the wood become caramelized. During the aging process, as the weather changes, the barrel expands and pushes the liquid in and out of the wood grain, soaking up the toasty aromas, flavors and color of the oak. So you see, flavor isn’t fancy. It’s plain ol’ science.

The Reasons Rye

Everyone loves a good comeback story. Before Prohibition, rye whiskey was at the height of its popularity. In fact, due to its spicy and bold flavor profile, it was the primary whiskey used in cocktails. It even inspired more famous classics like the Manhattan. Yes, brothers and sisters, rye was on top. But as the story goes, Prohibition forced distilleries to rush their aging and blend their liquids, leaving Americans with a taste for lighter flavors. And much like bourbon at that time, rye was left out in the cold. Luckily for us, things are warming up. The resurgence of bolder flavors and the popularity of the U.S. craft cocktail scene have finally put rye back in the spotlight. Bartenders across the country love what the unique spicy flavor of Knob Creek® Rye Whiskey brings to cocktails, old and new. But don’t take our word for it. Our new recipe section features a number of cocktails featuring the bold, spicy flavor of our rye. So don’t be shy.
Chef Michael Symon

Grilled Korean and Knob Creek® Rye Whiskey BBQ-­Style Wings

Celebrity Chef Michael Symon adds some spice to a favorite fall recipe with Knob Creek® Rye for some mouth-watering wings.