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Brothers of Bourbon: News, Facts & More
Brothers of Bourbon: News, Facts & More


Over 25,000 bourbon enthusiasts receiving emails from Knob Creek make up the Original Brothers of Bourbon, and there's an open bottle waiting for you. Join for the inside track on all things bourbon, and share some of the things you have discovered about Kentucky's most appreciated art form.


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Holiday Gift Guide

1.  KNOB CREEK HOLIDAY GIFT SET: You can’t go wrong with the gift that's got big, full flavor. Plus, it’s already wrapped. Available in select retail stores. Check your local liquor or grocery store. 2.  SET OF BITTERS: The perfect complement to a variety of bourbon cocktails and an essential ingredient in your favorite Old Fashioned. Fee Brothers Bar Cocktail Bitters. 3.  WHISKEY ICE BALL MOLD: Make every sip taste like the first. The Original Whiskey Ball Mold. 4.  BARREL COASTERS: Make sure your Knob Creek sits pretty this holiday season. Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Coasters. 5.  BOURBON BARREL TIE BAR:  Class up your tie with some Kentucky flare. Bourbon Barrel Tie Bar.

Anatomy of an Old Fashioned - Part III, Sugar

People are often afraid of sugar. Don’t be these people. Sugar adds flavor and helps balance the Old Fashioned cocktail so you can just keep on sipping.

Autumn Spiced Old Fashioned

Pumpkin spice is the most basic of fall spices. To make a real fall cocktail, you need black walnut bitters, maple syrup, cinnamon, apple and of course, Knob Creek® Bourbon. 2 parts Knob Creek® Bourbon 2 dashes black walnut bitters 2 dashes aged pumpkin bitters ¾ part maple syrup Add bourbon, bitters and syrup in rocks glass with ice. Stir and add a cinnamon stick and apple garnish.

Anatomy of an Old Fashioned - Part II, Ice

Ice is the secret agent in your Old Fashioned, opening up flavors without you even knowing it. The shape and size of the ice plays an important role and for an Old Fashioned, bigger is always better.

What does the ultimate bourbon adventure look like?

To start, bourbon lovers from across the country join together and toast to a weekend devoted to big, full flavor. At the end the night, listen to 7th generation master distiller Fred Noe tell stories of his father and Knob Creek® Bourbon founder Booker Noe, bourbon in hand of course. Then, take a behind-the-scenes tour through the Knob Creek Rackhouse that’s rarely revealed. Afterwards, sit down to a family-style feast with an old fashioned-injected hog prepared by Chef Michael Symon. Finally, enjoy a hearty breakfast as you cheers to the friends and memories you’ve made over good food, good times and good bourbon.

Anatomy of an Old Fashioned – Part 1, Bitters

Bitters bind all the ingredients of an Old Fashioned together and creates an extra level of nuance for the other flavors. There are many bitter flavors out there, making it easy for you to create flavor variations of the simplest Old Fashioned recipe.

When Life Gives You Bourbon, Go Camping

With our 2nd Annual Knob Creek® Campout just weeks away, we’ve got bourbon and camping on the brain. Even if you won’t be joining us on the Ultimate Bourbon Adventure, there’s still a few ways you can bring big, full flavor back to nature. 1) Bourbon Tiki Torches – Normally an empty bottle of Knob Creek® Bourbon would be a tragedy, but try making DIY bourbon bottle tiki torches to help light your campsite. You can find tiki torch wicks and fluid at your local home improvement store, and we don’t think you’ll have to look too far for the bottles of Knob Creek. Just be sure to rinse ‘em real good beforehand. 2) Bourbon Baked Beans – Take this campout staple to the next level by adding a little bit of bourbon to the mix. Hell, if you’ve got bacon add that in too. You can never have too much flavor at a campout. 3) Bourbon Hot Coffee – What’s better than a thermos full of hot coffee? A thermos full of big, full flavor. Add a splash or two of Knob

The Ice is Right: How to Avoid a Bourbon Meltdown

Fellow bourbon brothers and sisters agree, whether you’re on a patio, or a porch, there’s no better way to soak up the sunshine than with the refreshing taste of a Knob Creek® Old Fashioned. Now we know the original bourbon cocktail calls for the original big, full flavor, but on a hot summer day, a good Old Fashioned also calls for the right kind of ice. As it melts, ice becomes part of the drink and impacts flavor and balance. Logic tells us that clean water makes clean ice. So start off on the right foot and use distilled or purified water, not tap. Fresh ice is a must. Over time the ice will absorb other flavors in your freezer and get freezer burn. So be sure to use new ice, not ice that’s been sitting next to the fish in your freezer for a month. The most commonly used ice is cubed ice. A perfect ice cube should be completely clear, but a bit of solid white in the center is okay too. Cubed ice is just fine for an Old Fashioned, just remember that the

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Bourbon!

Bourbon lovers may enjoy the big, full flavor of Knob Creek® Bourbon year-round, but there’s one treat that tastes especially damn great during the dog days of summer: ice cream. It’s no surprise that Knob Creek® Creator, Booker Noe, thought this timeless summer treat tasted even better with bourbon. To be honest, Booker thought everything tasted better with bourbon.  So, on a hot summer day, after whipping up his grandson, Freddie Jr. a homemade chocolate milkshake, he’d make one for himself too, with a little bit of bourbon of course. Since Booker was obsessed with perfecting all of his recipes, this one probably took a few tries to get right. But, just like his bourbon, the end result was big, full flavor at its finest. Booker Noe’s Bourbon Milkshake Recipe • 2.5 cups chocolate ice cream • 2 parts 2% milk • 2 parts Knob Creek® Bourbon • 4 teaspoons chocolate syrup • 1 Teaspoon malt powder

Good things come to those who bait.

Fishing is a sport of patience. You bait your hook, cast your line and wait. Some days you spend hours casting and reeling before feeling that glorious tug at the end of your line. But it’s worth the wait when you finally catch yourself a good-sized trout or a sneaky bluegill. It’s no wonder fishing was one of Booker Noe’s favorite pastimes. As the creator of Knob Creek Bourbon and sixth-generation Master Distiller, he knew a thing or two about patience. After all, bourbon takes years to age to perfection, and in the case of Knob Creek® Straight Bourbon Whiskey, it takes 9 years to develop that big, full flavor. But for Booker’s son, Knob Creek® Master Distiller Fred Noe, sometimes the key to great fishing was a little impatience. You see, when he was young, he and Booker used to fish in several different ponds on the property. One day, when Fred wasn’t having any luck, he moseyed on over to the hot water pond just next to him. He’d never thought to